What is Delta College?

Delta College is a unique program that can be found exclusively at the College at Brockport. There is no identical program in the country! It functions as a “college within the college” and serves as a “learning lab” where the cutting edge ideas of higher education are applied.

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Our classes have 25 students or fewer because we believe students succeed in an intimate learning environment where they feel known and supported. Courses are taught by dedicated and involved faculty. Instead of taking courses in a large lecture hall, our students walk into community.

Delta focuses on experiential learning. We believe that there are some lessons that are best learned outside of the classroom. This is why we include 16 credits of experiential learning practicums as part of our unique curriculum. Students are encouraged to study abroad or do internships to gain real world experience in order to help them develop holistically into intelligent, culturally aware people. These experiences are foundational in providing students with direction for their lives.

The Delta College curriculum also includes the practical skills needed for a student’s professional life. In addition to internships, students take three professional development courses which teach them skills such as how to write a resume, how to prepare for an interview, and how to give a public presentation.Admin intern

Delta College is compatible with all majors. Our curriculum satisfies Brockport’s General Education requirements. There are no GPA, SAT or ACT requirements. We are looking for motivated students who want more from their educational experience. If you are interested in becoming part of the Delta Experience or learning more please check us out at www.brockport.edu/delta or you can apply at www.brockport.edu/delta/application.