Siblings Within Delta

One of our current Delta Diplomats interviewed some of our “Delta Siblings.” Read on to learn some of the reasons these siblings chose to follow in one another’s footsteps and join Delta.     

Delta Alum Danielle Cole graduated in 2014 from The College at Brockport. Danielle is the first of her two siblings to join Delta College. She chose Delta College due to the small class sizes and the focus on internships and experiential learning. Danielle played an avid role in sharing her Delta experience with her siblings, influencing them to join Delta College. Danielle is the sister of Peter and Julia Giangrasso two current Delta students.  

Peter Giangrasso is a current Delta student expecting to graduate in May of 2019. Peter first learned about Delta when he attended a Delta informational session with his sister Danielle. There, Peter talked to Jim Georger, former Delta College recruiter and professor. Peter and Jim discussed some benefits of Delta such as the focus on career advisement and preparation. Danielle encouraged Peter to apply by sharing some insights into Delta College and the impact it had on her college experience. Peter found it helpful to have a sister that was part of Delta by learning what the classes were about and some information about the professors.  

Delta logo with wordsPeter and Danielle both influenced and encouraged their younger sister Julia Giangrasso to join Delta. Julia is expected to graduate in 2021; one of her reasons for choosing Delta was, as a commuter, Delta allows her a place to meet peers. Peter and Danielle spoke highly of Delta College and told Julia about the professors and the curriculum, all of which seemed appealing. Julia attended Danielle’s Fall Symposium and found the experience to be very interesting.  Julia believes that having siblings in Delta has been rather helpful, especially when it comes to studying for Human Heritage CT exams. Overall, having siblings advise through her transition into college has been helpful for Julia.

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