Delta Students Network With Alumni in NYC

NYC alumni trip 1As a college student I can easily say that branching out and creating opportunities for the future is not a simple task. This is crucial for obtaining a career after graduation, networking will make you stand out from the rest. The Delta program here at Brockport provides some brilliant opportunities to get your name out there.

Recently, a select group of students were chosen for a trip to New York City in order to meet with Brockport alumni, a handful of students who participated in this trip were Delta students.

NYC alumni trip 2

“The NYC Alumni Trip was incredible. It has been one of the most formative adventures I have been on during my time at Brockport. I had the opportunity to make new friends and connections that will last me a lifetime. I can’t wait to be the alum to do this for another Golden Eagle undergrad.”

-Emma Chilson-Cline

“The NYC Trip was a great experience not only because I got to see the city and network with Brockport alum, but because I was also able to travel with like-minded people who wanted to increase their professional skills.  I really loved getting to know the professionals that I networked with, but the main thing that I was trying to get away from this experience was advice from these people who have already done.  I got what I came for!”

-Allie Hammonds


Trying to practice for the real world can seem practically impossible. Because of the Delta Program professional development opportunities such as this one are constantly cycling through making practice significantly easier. Be sure to keep your eyes open for programs like this!



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