Delta Commuters

The first few days of college…ok maybe weeks…or months, you are defined by the answer to two different questions:

  1. What is your major?
  2. Which residence hall do you live in?

If you’re like me, then you can understand why the 2nd question is sometimes annoying. I do not live in a residence hall. I am a commuter. Yeah, I might not be able to bring “dorm talk” to the table in my classes when discussion arises, but commuting has so many other great benefits. It saves me a lot of money, I still get to sleep in my bed and eat home cooked meals. Granted, it can often be tough for commuters to connect on campus but not for me because I joined Delta College.

Delta is a great fit for commuters. I highly recommend Delta to anyone, but as a commuter myself it has been such an amazing experience. Since admission to Delta College is approximately 75 students each year, I share all of the Delta courses with the same people. These classmates have become my friends. The Delta community has given me a “home away from home” and a space on campus uniquely my own.

My friends may live in the residence halls and I may live at home but I think it works out really nicely. We can still attend the union activities at night together, and last year when they didn’t have a car on campus, I would drive them to places like Walmart to get their essentials. They often returned the favor by inviting me to a meal in the dining hall and using their guest pass.

The College at Brockport has some nice things for commuters as well. For instance, parking can still be difficult but as a commuter you automatically get your own type of parking pass. This allows me to avoid waking up at midnight to wait in a long, crazy line just to get the best parking pass on campus. Another thing great for commuters is the commuter lounge. The lounge is a great hangout spot in-between classes. One side has more activities like the pool table and a television, and the other side has more tables for homework, plus there is a microwave. It’s convenient and we don’t have to buy food everyday (even if we do anyway). The middle of the lounge is filled with lots of lockers. This is a great place to store books, jackets, food etc. when I have class. The beautiful part about the lockers is, they are free! I only needed to supply the lock. That cost me a whole $1.08 at the Dollar Store! Finally, there is also a computer lab right near the lounge that is mainly for commuters. It is great when I really need to work on an assignment or print something off quick.

My personal experience has been wonderful but perhaps you want to know what a few other students have shared with me. Three other Delta commuters shared their thoughts with me. The first is a senior, Alex Winslow.

Where do you Commute From?

I commute from Brockport.

What activities do you participate in?

I am part of Brockport Student Government, Brockport Swing Dance Society, and I work 3 different jobs. Also I am currently a blogger for Brockport Winging it.


How has Delta helped you as a commuter?

It helped me connect with people.  I felt as time went on I had a group of students I felt semi comfortable with.  My major classes I found did not have that, mainly quiet students just getting through the class.

What surprised you the most about commuting?

Learning the lesson of time management. Learning how to plan my day has been helpful. I’m not able to run back to a dorm room if I need something so I use 2 lockers on campus and my car for storage locations.

What is your favorite thing to do between classes?

Take a walk, catch up with friends, play a game. Mostly though I find that I work in-between.

What piece of advice do you have for commuters?

Plan ahead as much as you can and learn how to cook.  It will save you money in the long run.


Another student I had the chance to talk with is sophomore, Madi Hiddie. This is what she had to say. MadiHiddie_ professional shot

Where do you commute from?

I commute from a really small town called Gasport, about 40 minutes away.

What activities do you participate in?

I am an undergraduate research assistant in Dr. Snarr’s psychology lab and I am a peer mentor for Delta.

How has Delta helped you as a commuter?

The benefit of having early registration has enabled me to create a class schedule that makes it a breeze to balance my time at school and work. The ability to take the classes I need when I need them and in different ways like independent studies will allow me to graduate in 3 years!

What surprised you the most about commuting?

What surprised me the most about commuting was that I was still able to be super involved on campus and to get into the things I really wanted to do without being restricted.

What is your favorite thing to do between classes?

My favorite thing to do between classes is usually homework or just color because it is a nice time to get myself organized.

What piece of advice do you have for commuters?

I would say my best advice for commuters is to organize your time wisely and know exactly what needs to be done on any given day so you can enjoy your time on campus and off.


Andrew CookThe final student I talked with is sophomore Andrew Cook. He shared what he has experienced with commuting to the college. This was our conversation.

Where do you commute from?

I commute from Kendall / Hamlin which is about 12-15 minutes away.

What activities do you participate in?

I am not involved in many activities at all because I commute and work three jobs and I am planning my wedding.

How has Delta helped you as a commuter?

The classes are not too early and they are small classes which makes me feel more like I’m learning in a home based setting.

What surprised you the most about commuting?

The gas money, haha. But besides that, I was surprised how many people have asked for rides to places because I have a car.

What is your favorite thing to do between classes?

Get pizza from the Union Square! I like to also sometimes go to the library and study where it is quiet.

What piece of advice do you have for commuters?

Make sure your vehicle is reliable. Like keep it in tip top shape because a breakdown isn’t just a financial and time burden, but also a school burden since the vehicle always gets you to class.

Sometimes commuters can be overlooked and feel excluded but not with Delta!  The community here has made it a completely different experience.


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