Amanda Scores a Perfect 10 in Delta

What sets Delta College students apart is our ability and desire to go above and beyond what we learn in the classroom by seizing opportunities to learn through experience, including participation right here in our Brockport community. Many Deltas hold positions throughout campus as club officers, college athletes, student government leaders, members of various teams and organizations, volunteers, honor society students, and much more. We make the most of our college experience because Delta gives us the skills to do so. One of our members that exemplifies Delta students’ ability to excel in and outside the classroom is senior Amanda Rota.Amanda7

Amanda is a nursing major and a fourth year member of the Brockport Women’s Gymnastics Team. Brockport held nationals here on campus this year where Amanda was recognized as an Academic All American for the National Collegiate Gymnastics Association. She was extremely honored to achieve this recognition, especially because she was injured in October and unable to compete this season. Amanda said that it meant so much to her to be recognized for her accomplishments on and off the mats and explained that in order to be an Academic All American you have to maintain a GPA of 3.3 or higher; no small feat when you are a nursing major who also has to attend practices all throughout the week.

The nursing program at Brockport is outstanding though extremely competitive. Amanda explained that she absolutely needed to keep her grades up throughout her freshman and sophomore year to be accepted into the program. She credits Delta with helping her to maintain a high GPA saying, “I don’t think I would have done as well as a freshman if I had been in the general education program”. For Amanda, Delta made the transition into college so much easier due to the small classes and helpful professors who were eager to give feedback and provide any extra guidance she needed to succeed. As she infiltrated into more difficult college classes, Amanda said that she looked forward to her Delta courses where she had a break from demanding nursing classes and was able to participate in the more “think outside the box” type classes.

A major perk of Delta that Amanda enjoyed as a nursing student was that she was encouraged to do an internship after her freshman year. She interned at Virtua Hospital near her hometown in New Jersey where she was able to “get her feet wet” in nursing and ensure that it was the career path that she wanted to follow. It is never too early to start getting real life experience in your field of interest!

Amanda traveled to Peru with fellow nursing students!

Amanda will be graduating from Brockport this spring. She plans on working in a hospital, preferably in the ICU. Eventually, she would like to go to graduate school to further her education in the field of nursing. Of course, she will continue her passion for gymnastics by coaching young gymnasts at her home gym over the summer. When asked what advice she would give to Deltas, nursing students, and anyone out there who may feel stressed from time to time, Amanda quotes:

“You can’t control what happens to you, but you can control how you react!”

Delta College is so proud of our students and we congratulate Amanda on her achievements!


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