Jump Out of Your Comfort Zone

Summer is quickly approaching! That means time to relax and recuperate after a busy year of classes. For many Deltas, these months away from coursework are an opportunity to have learning experiences outside the classroom. Whether it be professional development through internships, studying abroad in foreign countries, volunteering for a great cause, or perhaps even conducting research, our students are sure to make the most of their summer vacation in a fun and beneficial way.

The process of finding an experiential learning experience can seem daunting, especially to first or even second year students who possibly don’t know exactly what field they would like to concentrate in. But that’s exactly the point of these experiences! You get to have a test run of careers and areas of study that interest you and pinpoint what type of work environment you thrive in. Experiential learning is a chance to find yourself and develop your overall character.

There are opportunities wherever you look! Many freshman and sophomores participate in volunteer and service projects as their first internship/learning experience and find them to be extremely rewarding. In fact, Brenna McDonald is a second year Delta who is currently an intern with Global Youth Connect  and  Inkululeko. Both programs are organized by Jason Torreano, a 2007 Brockport graduate and a Delta College alum! Brenna is working with Jason to attract new volunteers from the pool of Brockport students, especially Deltas. These organizations offer excellent opportunities for anyone interested.


Jason Torreano Executive Director of Inkululeko and GYC (http://www.inkululeko.org/about.html) (http://www.globalyouthconnect.org)

Global Youth Connect is a human rights organization that “uses the concepts of human rights in a cross-cultural setting to mobilize youth, civil society and policy makers to create positive change in the world”. The program offers interactive human rights workshops, site and observation visits, and group fieldwork projects. Brenna is planning to attend their upcoming program in Colombia and has also been invited to travel to Rwanda!


GYC Rwanda participants did a site visit to the health clinic at Kiziba Refugee Camp (http://www.globalyouthconnect.org/#!about/c2hm)

Inkululeko is a “dynamic non-profit organization that serves motivated students in Grahamstown, South Africa”. Their mission is to help the youth of the town succeed in school and provide a positive, sustainable change in the community education outlook. Everyone deserves the right to an education, and Inkululeko works hard to provide that to the students of Grahmastown. Students can volunteer their time collaborating with the organization to better the lives of South African students.

If you are interested in getting involved or receiving more information you can contact Brenna via email, visit the websites of both organziations, and follow their social media pages. These are once in a lifetime opportunities that can change the lives of many people, including yourself. Join Brenna and Jason to make a difference in the world!

“Delta forced me into going out and getting internships, but I am very happy it did. It has forced me to jump out of my comfort zone and to start making my mark on the working world.”

~Brenna McDonald

Brenna McDonaldbmcdo6@brockport.edu
Inkululeko:http://www.inkululeko.org/index.html http://www.inkululeko.org/ Instagram: inkululeko Twitter: https://twitter.com/Inkululeko1

Global Youth Connect: http://www.globalyouthconnect.org


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