Happy St. Patrick’s Day From Ireland

Amy 3As you read this, there is a Delta College student pursuing their collegiate dreams of traveling to new places, studying in another country, interning for their ideal organizations, and enhancing their education through remarkable learning experiences. One of those students is Amy Kugler, a third year Delta majoring in Communications and minoring in Psychology, and who is currently interning in Dublin, Ireland! Amy has so much to share with you about her experiences, starting with her decision to attend Brockport and join Delta! Here is her story:

I originally chose to attend Brockport because it was only 35 minutes from my hometown and I was not quite ready to leave my family and become independent just yet.  I thought it was going to be hard going from a small high school class of less than 100 kids to a semi-big college such as Brockport. However, joining Delta College made this transition effortless. My class sizes are the same as they were in high school; 30 students or less for each course, and I love having such a close-knit group of friends that I can call my family. I would never have met my best friends if it wasn’t for Delta.

 Through my academic participation in Delta College, I have achieved things I never would have thought possible. Although I have always been interested in traveling, I would never have pursued abroad opportunities if I was not enrolled in Delta. Last year, I studied in Greece and Italy to complete a three credit internship experience for Delta. I thought this would be the only time I would have the opportunity to go to Europe. Now I have been living in Ireland and traveling Europe for the past two months! Aside from study abroad trips, I also interned at Channel 7 in Buffalo, qualified for a great honor society, and have been on the Dean’s List with honors every semester except one. Last semester I achieved my first ever 4.0, which I worked very hard for.

Delta inspired me to make the most of my college career, and that is exactly what I am doing.Amy 1

I am currently doing a semester internship in Dublin with Cystic Fibrosis Ireland. My particular experience only requires me to attend my internship four times a week, Monday through Thursday. Instead of taking classes at the nearby college, I am enrolled in an OAP program through Brockport. This course requires me to write journals each week, log my attendance, and make an organizational profile of the company I am working with. I work in the Fundraising Department where I have learned how to create and manage events, gained knowledge in social media and online content, created advertising posters and flyers to be used during our National Awareness Week in April, attended photo-shoots for our company to spread awareness, met Irish celebrities that are working with CFI to fundraise for a great cause, and even created two radio ads which will be played for months to come. It has definitely been an exciting two months for me and I cannot wait to see what the next months has in store!

I have been fortunate enough to travel on the weekends when I am not working with Cystic Fibrosis Ireland. So far I have seen the Cliffs of Moher, and the Giant’s Causeway. I went to the Titanic Museum in Belfast and saw the shipyard where the Titanic was built. I went to Barcelona, Spain and ate plenty of tapas (small plates or appetizers). I went to Faro, Portugal where I was able to go to a Maritime museum and visit a deserted island. This weekend I traveled to Brussels to get some Belgian waffles and Amsterdam to see the Anne Frank House. I will also be going to London in two weeks with my family to see Buckingham Palace and Big Ben!

This was the absolute best way to complete my Capstone experience. Studying abroad has without a doubt been the best decision of my academic career. I have been given opportunities that otherwise would have been impossible. This is an experience that I will carry with me for the rest of my life. We are young, and now is the time to travel the world and leave our marks.


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