Meet Michaela Brennan

Michaela smilingHi there! My name is Michaela Brennan and I am currently a second year Delta student majoring in Marketing. This semester I have the pleasure of documenting the stories of current Deltas on this blog as an internship experience. Whether you are a prospective Delta, a current Delta interested in your peers’ experiences, or another reader who found our page; keep reading! We’re glad you are here and can’t wait to share with you what Delta College is, the experiences our students have, and the story of our learning community.

Delta College has many perks and appeals to students in different ways. Personally, I realized that Delta was the program for me during summer orientation before my freshman year when I spoke with our academic advisor about the intimacy of Delta College. I am from the small town of Wyoming, NY, and I graduated from high school in a class of only 120 students, so I was excited to learn that Delta offered small class sizes in a friendly setting which allowed students to easily form connections with each other and Delta staff members. I love that I know everyone by name and can always look to a Delta professor if I need any advice regarding classes, internship opportunities, and my personal college-to-career plan.

Dairy PrincessAs I said earlier, I am from a small town about 45 minutes from Brockport. I grew up in a very rural community, in fact Wyoming County is known for having more cows than people and many of my extended family members make a living as dairy farmers! That being said, it should come as no surprise that I myself own a small herd of cows, spent my weekends in high school working on a local farm, and even served as a Wyoming County Dairy Princess, an experience which actually led me to choose my major in marketing. In addition to all of this cow stuff, I enjoy spending time with my family, reading almost any genre of books, going for walks with my doggygolden retriever/labradoodle dog; Murphy, shopping with friends, and hunting with my family in the fall (for the most part I just sit in a tree stand and watch squirrels play in the leaves, I’m not a very lucky hunter). All in all I’m basically your typical small-town-farm girl.

However, I have always wanted to leave my town (for a little while) and travel, which is one reason I was so drawn to Brockport when choosing a college. We have an outstanding study abroad program that allows students to learn from practically any country in the world. My dream is to travel to Ireland and intern in Dublin for a summer and I’m actually in the midst of making plans to do so in 2017! DCSA Michaela.JPG

Luckily, Delta College values experiential learning practicums, (such as studying abroad and interning in our local community) so highly that these kinds of experiences have become part of the curriculum, making it even easier for our students to have extraordinary opportunities. From adventuring in China over winter break, to studying in the UK for a semester, to conducting research right here in our Rochester community, Deltas have had remarkable experiences that they would like to share. So come back soon, and bring a friend, to keep updated on all that is going on in Delta!

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1 Response to Meet Michaela Brennan

  1. Jim Georger says:

    I remember your first year Powerpoint presentation on a career related to dairy feed & nutrition.
    Delta students learn early on, how to make an effective professional presentation.


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