Time Shortened Degree Option

As stated in the history post, Delta College was birthed from the encouragement of the Carnegie Corporation in the 1970s to create a time shortened degree by making the first year of college more challenging and less like the last two years of high school. A great example of how this plays out today is our college orientation course, DCC 100. Mainstream Brockport students are required to take both Academic Planning Seminar for 1 credit and English 112 Intro to College Writing for 3 credits. However, Delta combined these two courses into DCC 100.

Another way Delta’s curriculum has been enriched is by including 16 credits of experiential learning. Students are encouraged to learn through IMG_8763.JPGexperiences such as studying abroad, completing an internship, and/or research within their field. Many students begin an internship during their first year. This has proven to be extremely beneficial because it helps develop their transferable skills, provides concrete examples to include in a resume, and gives them invaluable insight to the modern work place. For many students, this experience provides clarity as to whether or not they are pursing the best career path.

The technological advancements over the past couple decades has forever K Wojtas Morocco Camel ridingchanged the working world. International business developments have led to a globalization of the market. The demand for young professionals to be culturally aware and internationally minded has skyrocketed. Cross-cultural exposure serves to broaden students’ perspectives and develop them to be culturally aware citizens. This is precisely why Delta provides multiple international opportunities.

The Delta curriculum  includes three Professional Development seminars. These courses cover a wide variety of topics such as, how to write a resume, how to prepare for an interview, how to obtain an internship, and how to give professional presentation. Students are equipped with the necessary skills needed to enter the working world.

Delta’s curriculum is so robust that  once students complete it, they may be able to graduate with 99 credits instead of the traditional 120 credits.

gradautes.jpgThe Delta curriculum satisfies all of the general education requirements at the College. This means that once a student completes the Delta curriculum, they only have their selected major’s requirements to complete before being able to graduate. There are several major’s in which the requirements can be satisfied by the end of the sixth semester, or third year. This is why many of our students have the option of graduating early.

Graduating in three instead of four years can be a huge savings in time and money! It provides students with the opportunity to enter the working world or apply to graduate school before their peers. A student may choose not to graduate early and instead add an additional major or minors.

The following majors have the option of graduating in three years:

  • Anthropology
  • Art
  • Criminal Justice
  • Dance
  • English
  • Health Science
  • History
  • International Studies
  • Philosophy
  • Psychology
  • Political Science
  • Sociology
  • Social Work
  • Theater
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