Siblings Within Delta

One of our current Delta Diplomats interviewed some of our “Delta Siblings.” Read on to learn some of the reasons these siblings chose to follow in one another’s footsteps and join Delta.     

Delta Alum Danielle Cole graduated in 2014 from The College at Brockport. Danielle is the first of her two siblings to join Delta College. She chose Delta College due to the small class sizes and the focus on internships and experiential learning. Danielle played an avid role in sharing her Delta experience with her siblings, influencing them to join Delta College. Danielle is the sister of Peter and Julia Giangrasso two current Delta students.  

Peter Giangrasso is a current Delta student expecting to graduate in May of 2019. Peter first learned about Delta when he attended a Delta informational session with his sister Danielle. There, Peter talked to Jim Georger, former Delta College recruiter and professor. Peter and Jim discussed some benefits of Delta such as the focus on career advisement and preparation. Danielle encouraged Peter to apply by sharing some insights into Delta College and the impact it had on her college experience. Peter found it helpful to have a sister that was part of Delta by learning what the classes were about and some information about the professors.  

Delta logo with wordsPeter and Danielle both influenced and encouraged their younger sister Julia Giangrasso to join Delta. Julia is expected to graduate in 2021; one of her reasons for choosing Delta was, as a commuter, Delta allows her a place to meet peers. Peter and Danielle spoke highly of Delta College and told Julia about the professors and the curriculum, all of which seemed appealing. Julia attended Danielle’s Fall Symposium and found the experience to be very interesting.  Julia believes that having siblings in Delta has been rather helpful, especially when it comes to studying for Human Heritage CT exams. Overall, having siblings advise through her transition into college has been helpful for Julia.

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Delta Students Network With Alumni in NYC

NYC alumni trip 1As a college student I can easily say that branching out and creating opportunities for the future is not a simple task. This is crucial for obtaining a career after graduation, networking will make you stand out from the rest. The Delta program here at Brockport provides some brilliant opportunities to get your name out there.

Recently, a select group of students were chosen for a trip to New York City in order to meet with Brockport alumni, a handful of students who participated in this trip were Delta students.

NYC alumni trip 2

“The NYC Alumni Trip was incredible. It has been one of the most formative adventures I have been on during my time at Brockport. I had the opportunity to make new friends and connections that will last me a lifetime. I can’t wait to be the alum to do this for another Golden Eagle undergrad.”

-Emma Chilson-Cline

“The NYC Trip was a great experience not only because I got to see the city and network with Brockport alum, but because I was also able to travel with like-minded people who wanted to increase their professional skills.  I really loved getting to know the professionals that I networked with, but the main thing that I was trying to get away from this experience was advice from these people who have already done.  I got what I came for!”

-Allie Hammonds


Trying to practice for the real world can seem practically impossible. Because of the Delta Program professional development opportunities such as this one are constantly cycling through making practice significantly easier. Be sure to keep your eyes open for programs like this!



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Italy, London, Grad School, Oh My!

Many Delta students find themselves on incredible adventures across the world. Studying abroad exposes student to other cultures which leads to their learning about these cultures as well as about themselves. The transferable skills developed through these experiences offer a competitive edge when applying for jobs and demonstrate to future employers the willingness to be uncomfortable in order to learn.

Many Deltas study abroad. We hear about it from newsletters, we encounter their journey through social media, we even read it on their resumes. Today two of our Deltas want to share their experiences with you.

Please meet a two Delta’s who have taken on the World!

Sarah Corey:gondula ride

What was a stereotype of Italy? Was it true? False?

I guess one stereotype I had was that they would all get mad if you didn’t try to speak Italian, and that Italians wouldn’t welcome tourists. Which, of course, was completely false. Italians love when you to try to speak Italian but almost all of them can speak English very well so no worries.

Another, was that I (almost) didn’t believe that they really had a siesta, I thought that maybe they got a little break during the day but I was very wrong. Everyone takes (pretty much) a 3-4-hour nap in the middle of the day, to eat lunch, to wander around, and to just take a break from work. And when I say everyone I mean everyone, even the police station was closed for siesta, try reporting a robbery when they aren’t even open!

What did you love the most about the experience?

gelatoI loved everything about the experience. The people, the food, the gelato (Italian ice cream), OMG the gelato! It was so incredible and I can’t wait to go back abroad. Europe is truly amazing compared to America. It’s so different but in a good way. People are nicer, everything is cleaner, healthier, and it’s just a better place to be. I highly encourage everyone to go abroad.

Did you need to know/speak Italian at all?

I knew Italian going over there. I took about three years of the language beforehand so it helped me immensely. I do recommend having some background knowledge of it, but if not most of them speak English.

Did you do any internships or primarily studying?

I did a study abroad program for the summer so I took four courses and it counted as my delta capstone. The courses are so much easier than over here, and the professors were super lenient about traveling and missing class and that kind of stuff.

What was living there like? Ex. Dorms, Apartments, Hosts etc.?

I liked everything about living there, it was the first time I was actually on my own doing things. I never experienced the dorm life coming to college because I was a commuter student, so over there I got my dorm experience. They are so neat and clean, they have a cleaning crew, and so many rules, but in general it was so nice!

What surprised you the most?Rome colosseum - excellent shot!.jpg

What surprised me the most was probably how easy it is to do things on your own, like traveling and such. We were constantly traveling to another country and we paid for a $40 plane ticket, got to our hostile by the tram or bus and had an amazing time. People don’t do things like that here in America, taking public transportation is like, uncommon I would say, at least for people not close to a city. But traveling was so easy and so rewarding and it was such an experience. I      honestly didn’t want to come home, I cried when I had to come home because I was living the life over there.

What advice do you have for other students thinking of studying abroad?

My advice to other students going abroad is 1. Definitely do it, just go. 2. Save a lot of money, you’re going to spend probably double what you think you’d spend. 3. Plan trips ASAP and in as far advance as you can, and plan them on your own! Don’t go through any of those travel companies like bus2alps because they will screw you over, plan on your own because it’ll be way cheaper and so much better! The further in advance you plan them the cheaper they will be. I’m talking plane tickets for about $23. Definitely go and be adventurous!”

england 4 

Natalie Yera has graduated from the College at Brockport but is continuing her education by getting her masters in Boston. She was able to discuss what traveling to London, England was like, as well as, how Delta College has helped her with her next step in school.

Where did you study abroad and what time of year was it?

I was abroad during the spring semester of 2016, in London, England.

What did you love most about studying abroad?

What I loved most was the ridiculous amount of traveling I was able to do over the course of five months which included backpacking for one whole month during my spring break. I have been to 15 countries and 20 cities during my time abroad and it was probably the most fantastic experience of my life.england 3

What type of program did you do? Classes, Service internship etc.?

I went to school, I took three classes at the University of Westminster in Central London.

What piece of advice do you have for students that are thinking of studying abroad?

I would say have your finances in place before you go and always have more money available than you think you will need. I didn’t realize how expensive London was until I was actually there and I wish I was better prepared for that portion of my trip.

Did Delta allow you to graduate in three years?

Yes, I was able to graduate in three years and this past fall. I started graduate school at Emerson College in Boston, MA.

What was the most important thing you learned in Delta that transferred into grad school?

Hands down the most important thing I learned from Delta would be professionalism and how to conduct/present myself when it comes to applying for jobs and graduate school.

Did you have any leadership roles at Brockport/Delta that helped you in the long run?

The best thing I did in my undergrad was become an RA. I was an RA for a year and a half and it was the best choice I made next to studying abroad. I grew so much as a person and learned how I worked in team situations. Being an RA is a hard job; it is full of ups and downs but it is completely different than any other job students can have throughout college. You take on the role of mom, big sister, or friend to as little as 14 residents up to over a hundred. It is a life-changing position that brings out the best in you. It has allowed me to make connections with so many people, professionally and personally, and provided me with memories that I will never replace.

Thank you to Sarah and Natalie for speaking with me (Shannon Reagan) about your experiences with study abroad and Delta.  bridge


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Delta Commuters

The first few days of college…ok maybe weeks…or months, you are defined by the answer to two different questions:

  1. What is your major?
  2. Which residence hall do you live in?

If you’re like me, then you can understand why the 2nd question is sometimes annoying. I do not live in a residence hall. I am a commuter. Yeah, I might not be able to bring “dorm talk” to the table in my classes when discussion arises, but commuting has so many other great benefits. It saves me a lot of money, I still get to sleep in my bed and eat home cooked meals. Granted, it can often be tough for commuters to connect on campus but not for me because I joined Delta College.

Delta is a great fit for commuters. I highly recommend Delta to anyone, but as a commuter myself it has been such an amazing experience. Since admission to Delta College is approximately 75 students each year, I share all of the Delta courses with the same people. These classmates have become my friends. The Delta community has given me a “home away from home” and a space on campus uniquely my own.

My friends may live in the residence halls and I may live at home but I think it works out really nicely. We can still attend the union activities at night together, and last year when they didn’t have a car on campus, I would drive them to places like Walmart to get their essentials. They often returned the favor by inviting me to a meal in the dining hall and using their guest pass.

The College at Brockport has some nice things for commuters as well. For instance, parking can still be difficult but as a commuter you automatically get your own type of parking pass. This allows me to avoid waking up at midnight to wait in a long, crazy line just to get the best parking pass on campus. Another thing great for commuters is the commuter lounge. The lounge is a great hangout spot in-between classes. One side has more activities like the pool table and a television, and the other side has more tables for homework, plus there is a microwave. It’s convenient and we don’t have to buy food everyday (even if we do anyway). The middle of the lounge is filled with lots of lockers. This is a great place to store books, jackets, food etc. when I have class. The beautiful part about the lockers is, they are free! I only needed to supply the lock. That cost me a whole $1.08 at the Dollar Store! Finally, there is also a computer lab right near the lounge that is mainly for commuters. It is great when I really need to work on an assignment or print something off quick.

My personal experience has been wonderful but perhaps you want to know what a few other students have shared with me. Three other Delta commuters shared their thoughts with me. The first is a senior, Alex Winslow.

Where do you Commute From?

I commute from Brockport.

What activities do you participate in?

I am part of Brockport Student Government, Brockport Swing Dance Society, and I work 3 different jobs. Also I am currently a blogger for Brockport Winging it.


How has Delta helped you as a commuter?

It helped me connect with people.  I felt as time went on I had a group of students I felt semi comfortable with.  My major classes I found did not have that, mainly quiet students just getting through the class.

What surprised you the most about commuting?

Learning the lesson of time management. Learning how to plan my day has been helpful. I’m not able to run back to a dorm room if I need something so I use 2 lockers on campus and my car for storage locations.

What is your favorite thing to do between classes?

Take a walk, catch up with friends, play a game. Mostly though I find that I work in-between.

What piece of advice do you have for commuters?

Plan ahead as much as you can and learn how to cook.  It will save you money in the long run.


Another student I had the chance to talk with is sophomore, Madi Hiddie. This is what she had to say. MadiHiddie_ professional shot

Where do you commute from?

I commute from a really small town called Gasport, about 40 minutes away.

What activities do you participate in?

I am an undergraduate research assistant in Dr. Snarr’s psychology lab and I am a peer mentor for Delta.

How has Delta helped you as a commuter?

The benefit of having early registration has enabled me to create a class schedule that makes it a breeze to balance my time at school and work. The ability to take the classes I need when I need them and in different ways like independent studies will allow me to graduate in 3 years!

What surprised you the most about commuting?

What surprised me the most about commuting was that I was still able to be super involved on campus and to get into the things I really wanted to do without being restricted.

What is your favorite thing to do between classes?

My favorite thing to do between classes is usually homework or just color because it is a nice time to get myself organized.

What piece of advice do you have for commuters?

I would say my best advice for commuters is to organize your time wisely and know exactly what needs to be done on any given day so you can enjoy your time on campus and off.


Andrew CookThe final student I talked with is sophomore Andrew Cook. He shared what he has experienced with commuting to the college. This was our conversation.

Where do you commute from?

I commute from Kendall / Hamlin which is about 12-15 minutes away.

What activities do you participate in?

I am not involved in many activities at all because I commute and work three jobs and I am planning my wedding.

How has Delta helped you as a commuter?

The classes are not too early and they are small classes which makes me feel more like I’m learning in a home based setting.

What surprised you the most about commuting?

The gas money, haha. But besides that, I was surprised how many people have asked for rides to places because I have a car.

What is your favorite thing to do between classes?

Get pizza from the Union Square! I like to also sometimes go to the library and study where it is quiet.

What piece of advice do you have for commuters?

Make sure your vehicle is reliable. Like keep it in tip top shape because a breakdown isn’t just a financial and time burden, but also a school burden since the vehicle always gets you to class.

Sometimes commuters can be overlooked and feel excluded but not with Delta!  The community here has made it a completely different experience.


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Abroad with Justus and Elissa in 10 questions, 20 answers!

Any student at Brockport has the opportunity to study abroad but many choose not to take it. However, Delta strongly encourages and promotes studying abroad as part of the curriculum. In Delta, all students complete a capstone which is 12 credits of non-traditional learning. An example of this is studying abroad or participating in a large internship. Basically, it is an experience that engages you in hands on learning instead of the typical classroom learning. These experiences are individualized based on what we (the students) want and need in order to distinguish ourselves and put us in a better position to meet our future career goals.

I was fortunate to talk with two Delta students who have recently taken advantage of studying abroad. Justus Nowak who took an opportunity to study in Australia and Elissa D’Alessandro who studied in Prague. These students had completely different experiences, but both are appreciative that they got the chance to experience something totally new and different.

What was a stereotype you heard about Australia?

Justus: You may hear a stereotype about somewhere you travel. It may be true but it also may be false, so when you travel use extra caution! I had heard Australia was laid back, and it ended up being true. It was pretty much a vibe of “I’m human, you’re human”. When I came back to the US it seemed as if everyone was go, go, go.

What was a stereotype you heard about Prague?

Elissa: I heard they drink a lot of beer and was told at an orientation there were going to be lots of times they do not smile at people they do not know, unlike the US. She said that was pretty true.IMG_3204

What was the most surprising thing you encountered?

Justus: Australia was not a huge culture shock and it is pretty westernized. It is a good trip for someone who does not want a huge adjustment. The one thing that really surprised me was the food. For example, Fructose Corn Syrup is banned, portions are smaller, and you cannot find black coffee.

What? No black coffee!

Elissa: What surprised me the most is how independent I became. I didn’t really know people that were going on the trip with me, but it was cool because there were some touristy areas and I met students from other countries like Germany, England, and the Netherlands.

What is something you had the chance to do that you may not have in the US?

Justus: I took a ferry to one of the nicest beaches around. I swam in the Great Barrier Reef shortly before the reef was pronounced dead!

Elissa: I was able to take a bus from Germany which had a cost of only $20.50. There were many countries surrounding me so I had the chance to hop around a little bit. I also went to a Beer Garden for the first time.

Tell me more about your internship, what was it like?

Justus: I am majoring in Exercise Science so I was able to intern with a gym chain called F45 Training. F45 is a public gym found mostly in the city and focused mainly on circuit training. This was a paid internship for me. I lived with my sister during the trip and she knew the owners so she asked if they would take him on.Internship

Elissa: I interned with a company called Bohemia Public Relations. I helped them create events for other companies. I focused on the graphic design end and worked with another student from Kansas University. We did things like logo designs, rebranding the company, and promotional videos. I found this internship through

Have you ever thought about going back?

Justus: I would like to go back to Australia. It is a great country, and I would like to work there for a while.

Elissa: I definitely want to go back to Prague. The length of my stay was shortened because of the school I attended so I came back to the US earlier than some other students. After my internship was over I did some additional traveling to countries such as Germany, Australia, Slovakia, Italy, and back to Prague. I also plan on going back this summer to visit friends that are studying abroad.

What was it like to live there? Was the housing arrangement similar to dorms or were you hosted?

Justus: My experience was a little different because I lived with my sister, brother-in-law, and their roommates. My trip was more personalized than most other students.

Elissa: I stayed in NYU dorms. There were two different areas, and my place had a kitchen, bathroom, and a few different bedrooms. I ended up rooming with another girl from Brockport and two girls from Boston College.

Did you meet any friends from other countries?Elissa painting- cropped

Justus: Yes, the roommates of my sister were all from different countries. They were from Germany, New Zealand, South Africa (but grew up in Australia), and Canada. They all worked for the church of Hillsong. The country is very diverse and not entirely made up of Australians.

Elissa: I met a lot of other students from different countries and I ended up traveling with them after my internship ended.

Was it difficult being in a different time zone than people back home?

Justus: The time change in Australia was very interesting. While traveling there I went forward in time. I left on a Wednesday night and arrived on Friday morning, after a 14 hours flight. Then when I left it was Wednesday morning and I arrived back in the US on Wednesday afternoon. It was also strange because when I was sleeping everyone in the US was awake, and vice versa. Plus the seasons are reverse so when I was there during their winter it was our summer.

Elissa: It was hard to adjust to the time difference. Prague is 6 hours ahead and because my mom did not have an Iphone, it was difficult to stay in touch. The phone plan she got sucked because she bought a two-month plan on the last day of May for June and July, but they counted that one-day in May as a full month.

Did you think coming into college, you would study abroad?

kangarooJustus: I had no idea that I would go to Australia. It did not really come into my mind until last summer when my sister visited the States. I realized I had some money and should make the most of my time.

Elissa: I knew I wanted to study abroad but originally I wanted a full-semester trip. When I realized I would have to do a summer trip, I thought about going to Dublin but then the Prague internship option came up and it was a better trip for the price.

What advice do you have for other students thinking of studying abroad?

Justus—“Go for it. You have this time and experience right in front of you. Take opportunities as you go. Figure it out and go. You most likely will not get an experience like it again. It opens you up and is something you experience, not learn. You learn two feet in front of you. It is almost like mapping reality like Dr. Stoller says.” (Dr. Stoller teaches the Delta humanities courses)

Elissa—“Go in with an open mind. It is an adjustment but the more open you are the more you’ll take out of it. Though stay true to yourself. Have a mindset of coming back one day and not stress yourself”.

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Meet Shannon

Hey Everyone, I’d like to introduce myself. My name is Shannon Reagan and I am a second year Delta College student. I am studying Journalism & Broadcasting with a concentration in Public Relations, and minoring in Recreation & Leisure. This semester I have a fantastic opportunity. I get to learn more about fellow Delta students and write about them!crop

Delta has been an amazing feature to my education here at Brockport, and I want to share it with everyone. I would like current Delta’s to learn about some more opportunities they can get involved with, and give prospective students something to look forward to when making one of the biggest decisions of their lives.

Delta has helped me grow in so many ways. I am originally from this really weird village in New York called Brockport (I always make this joke). I am a commuter and sometimes commuters have a weird connotation, like we only come for classes and have no friends. I can guarantee you this is not the case for me and I believe I have Delta College to thank for that.

Through Delta College, I’ve really come out of my shell. I was always told before coming to college that I should not live off campus because I will not get the “college experience.” I’m not saying living in the residence halls is bad, but commuting is not bad either. Getting to know my professors and having small class sizes in Delta really helped me. It was the perfect transition from high school to college.

Delta has so many unique aspects that I love. The small class sizes and overall community have helped me get to know my classmates and professors well. I have made so many friends. On the first day of college one of my fellow Deltas and I did a dance off together at a Union Programming event. We definitely lost but we had a blast doing it. Since then I have been to several events with my Delta friends and some of us even joined the campus img_20160406_194717036_hdrradio station together. Joining a club was kind of scary but having a friend to join with really helped.

Another aspect that Delta has given me is the chance to be creative. I am not a big test person. That is just not who I am. I would rather work on creative projects and work in groups. So far in my Delta career I have done artwork, performed in skits/plays, performed experiments etc. I think working with others has been really helpful because now when I go out in the real world, I will know what working as a team member will be like. Finally, one of the most important things I have learned in Delta that other students may not, is how to be professional. When I say professional I mean, I have written a resume, cover letter, interviewed for jobs and more! These are important life skills and they frequently get over-looked by colleges.

There is so much to talk about with Delta! I look forward to meeting you whether you are another Delta or are thinking about becoming a Delta!

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A Multitude of Classes

From professional development to cultural classes, Delta covers a lot of academic ground so that our students have every opportunity to gain knowledge in all aspects of life. Delta College professors are dedicated to designing courses that meet the needs and desires of students. They are always eager to hear our feedback and continuously improve the program to reach its ideal state.DCC 395 1

A perfect example of our professors’ responses to our criteria is the newly developed class known as Multicultural Encounters. Dr. Stoller, professor and the current director of Delta College, designed the class with the needs of students in mind and has been working to fully define the class during it’s first session this spring semester. The course description reads:

“Explores multi-cultural interactions & intersections, as well as issues of personal identity in differing global contexts. Includes a combination of readings, films, class discussions, and weekly guided discussions with international students on campus. Compliments or completes study or internship abroad experiences & broadens Delta students’ awareness of world diversity. Students will write a personal memoir about their experiences”

The idea of the course came about as a way to prepare students to study abroad by immersing them into the lives of people who have gone out of their element in a new country/culture. Students read books about the personal experiences of people who find themselves overwhelmed in new cultures, watch films depicting cultural experiences, and openly discuss opinions and perspectives in order to “define” multiculturalism. However, this round table type class is only half of the course.

Once a week, Delta students come together with international students who are actively participating in the ELS Program here at Brockport to speak to each other in small groups. This multi-cultural interaction is called Conversation Partners. The international students use this time to practice their English, while Delta students learn about the experience of adjusting to life in a new country with different culture. At the beginning of each session questions/thoughts are provided to provoke  conversation.

I participate in this class and I truly enjoy it! I have met students from China, Japan, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Russia, and Switzerland. It is so eye opening to hear their perspective of America, especially when discussing the differences between what they expected it to be like rather than what it is actually like now that they have been living here. Typically our conversations eventually stray from the questions we were provided and the room is full of laughter, anecdotes, and pizza!


Multicultural Encounters is a perfect example of what Delta stands for: an alternative learning experience that provides insight and perspective in a non-traditional setting. It truly broadens the knowledge of students while also helping to integrate international students into our Brockport community.

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Amanda Scores a Perfect 10 in Delta

What sets Delta College students apart is our ability and desire to go above and beyond what we learn in the classroom by seizing opportunities to learn through experience, including participation right here in our Brockport community. Many Deltas hold positions throughout campus as club officers, college athletes, student government leaders, members of various teams and organizations, volunteers, honor society students, and much more. We make the most of our college experience because Delta gives us the skills to do so. One of our members that exemplifies Delta students’ ability to excel in and outside the classroom is senior Amanda Rota.Amanda7

Amanda is a nursing major and a fourth year member of the Brockport Women’s Gymnastics Team. Brockport held nationals here on campus this year where Amanda was recognized as an Academic All American for the National Collegiate Gymnastics Association. She was extremely honored to achieve this recognition, especially because she was injured in October and unable to compete this season. Amanda said that it meant so much to her to be recognized for her accomplishments on and off the mats and explained that in order to be an Academic All American you have to maintain a GPA of 3.3 or higher; no small feat when you are a nursing major who also has to attend practices all throughout the week.

The nursing program at Brockport is outstanding though extremely competitive. Amanda explained that she absolutely needed to keep her grades up throughout her freshman and sophomore year to be accepted into the program. She credits Delta with helping her to maintain a high GPA saying, “I don’t think I would have done as well as a freshman if I had been in the general education program”. For Amanda, Delta made the transition into college so much easier due to the small classes and helpful professors who were eager to give feedback and provide any extra guidance she needed to succeed. As she infiltrated into more difficult college classes, Amanda said that she looked forward to her Delta courses where she had a break from demanding nursing classes and was able to participate in the more “think outside the box” type classes.

A major perk of Delta that Amanda enjoyed as a nursing student was that she was encouraged to do an internship after her freshman year. She interned at Virtua Hospital near her hometown in New Jersey where she was able to “get her feet wet” in nursing and ensure that it was the career path that she wanted to follow. It is never too early to start getting real life experience in your field of interest!

Amanda traveled to Peru with fellow nursing students!

Amanda will be graduating from Brockport this spring. She plans on working in a hospital, preferably in the ICU. Eventually, she would like to go to graduate school to further her education in the field of nursing. Of course, she will continue her passion for gymnastics by coaching young gymnasts at her home gym over the summer. When asked what advice she would give to Deltas, nursing students, and anyone out there who may feel stressed from time to time, Amanda quotes:

“You can’t control what happens to you, but you can control how you react!”

Delta College is so proud of our students and we congratulate Amanda on her achievements!


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Jump Out of Your Comfort Zone

Summer is quickly approaching! That means time to relax and recuperate after a busy year of classes. For many Deltas, these months away from coursework are an opportunity to have learning experiences outside the classroom. Whether it be professional development through internships, studying abroad in foreign countries, volunteering for a great cause, or perhaps even conducting research, our students are sure to make the most of their summer vacation in a fun and beneficial way.

The process of finding an experiential learning experience can seem daunting, especially to first or even second year students who possibly don’t know exactly what field they would like to concentrate in. But that’s exactly the point of these experiences! You get to have a test run of careers and areas of study that interest you and pinpoint what type of work environment you thrive in. Experiential learning is a chance to find yourself and develop your overall character.

There are opportunities wherever you look! Many freshman and sophomores participate in volunteer and service projects as their first internship/learning experience and find them to be extremely rewarding. In fact, Brenna McDonald is a second year Delta who is currently an intern with Global Youth Connect  and  Inkululeko. Both programs are organized by Jason Torreano, a 2007 Brockport graduate and a Delta College alum! Brenna is working with Jason to attract new volunteers from the pool of Brockport students, especially Deltas. These organizations offer excellent opportunities for anyone interested.


Jason Torreano Executive Director of Inkululeko and GYC ( (

Global Youth Connect is a human rights organization that “uses the concepts of human rights in a cross-cultural setting to mobilize youth, civil society and policy makers to create positive change in the world”. The program offers interactive human rights workshops, site and observation visits, and group fieldwork projects. Brenna is planning to attend their upcoming program in Colombia and has also been invited to travel to Rwanda!


GYC Rwanda participants did a site visit to the health clinic at Kiziba Refugee Camp (!about/c2hm)

Inkululeko is a “dynamic non-profit organization that serves motivated students in Grahamstown, South Africa”. Their mission is to help the youth of the town succeed in school and provide a positive, sustainable change in the community education outlook. Everyone deserves the right to an education, and Inkululeko works hard to provide that to the students of Grahmastown. Students can volunteer their time collaborating with the organization to better the lives of South African students.

If you are interested in getting involved or receiving more information you can contact Brenna via email, visit the websites of both organziations, and follow their social media pages. These are once in a lifetime opportunities that can change the lives of many people, including yourself. Join Brenna and Jason to make a difference in the world!

“Delta forced me into going out and getting internships, but I am very happy it did. It has forced me to jump out of my comfort zone and to start making my mark on the working world.”

~Brenna McDonald

Inkululeko: Instagram: inkululeko Twitter:

Global Youth Connect:


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Happy St. Patrick’s Day From Ireland

Amy 3As you read this, there is a Delta College student pursuing their collegiate dreams of traveling to new places, studying in another country, interning for their ideal organizations, and enhancing their education through remarkable learning experiences. One of those students is Amy Kugler, a third year Delta majoring in Communications and minoring in Psychology, and who is currently interning in Dublin, Ireland! Amy has so much to share with you about her experiences, starting with her decision to attend Brockport and join Delta! Here is her story:

I originally chose to attend Brockport because it was only 35 minutes from my hometown and I was not quite ready to leave my family and become independent just yet.  I thought it was going to be hard going from a small high school class of less than 100 kids to a semi-big college such as Brockport. However, joining Delta College made this transition effortless. My class sizes are the same as they were in high school; 30 students or less for each course, and I love having such a close-knit group of friends that I can call my family. I would never have met my best friends if it wasn’t for Delta.

 Through my academic participation in Delta College, I have achieved things I never would have thought possible. Although I have always been interested in traveling, I would never have pursued abroad opportunities if I was not enrolled in Delta. Last year, I studied in Greece and Italy to complete a three credit internship experience for Delta. I thought this would be the only time I would have the opportunity to go to Europe. Now I have been living in Ireland and traveling Europe for the past two months! Aside from study abroad trips, I also interned at Channel 7 in Buffalo, qualified for a great honor society, and have been on the Dean’s List with honors every semester except one. Last semester I achieved my first ever 4.0, which I worked very hard for.

Delta inspired me to make the most of my college career, and that is exactly what I am doing.Amy 1

I am currently doing a semester internship in Dublin with Cystic Fibrosis Ireland. My particular experience only requires me to attend my internship four times a week, Monday through Thursday. Instead of taking classes at the nearby college, I am enrolled in an OAP program through Brockport. This course requires me to write journals each week, log my attendance, and make an organizational profile of the company I am working with. I work in the Fundraising Department where I have learned how to create and manage events, gained knowledge in social media and online content, created advertising posters and flyers to be used during our National Awareness Week in April, attended photo-shoots for our company to spread awareness, met Irish celebrities that are working with CFI to fundraise for a great cause, and even created two radio ads which will be played for months to come. It has definitely been an exciting two months for me and I cannot wait to see what the next months has in store!

I have been fortunate enough to travel on the weekends when I am not working with Cystic Fibrosis Ireland. So far I have seen the Cliffs of Moher, and the Giant’s Causeway. I went to the Titanic Museum in Belfast and saw the shipyard where the Titanic was built. I went to Barcelona, Spain and ate plenty of tapas (small plates or appetizers). I went to Faro, Portugal where I was able to go to a Maritime museum and visit a deserted island. This weekend I traveled to Brussels to get some Belgian waffles and Amsterdam to see the Anne Frank House. I will also be going to London in two weeks with my family to see Buckingham Palace and Big Ben!

This was the absolute best way to complete my Capstone experience. Studying abroad has without a doubt been the best decision of my academic career. I have been given opportunities that otherwise would have been impossible. This is an experience that I will carry with me for the rest of my life. We are young, and now is the time to travel the world and leave our marks.


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